Tuesday, August 4, 2009

*** New Main Course ***

Latest recommended main course and side orders :

1) JC Nasi Lemak
2) Braised Chicken In Big Rice Bowl
3) Creamy Penne With Seafood
4) Pan Fried Fish Fillet In Tomato Sauce (Spaghetti or Penne)
5) Teriyaki Chicken Chop
6) Thai Style Chicken Chop
7) Juice Cafe Fish Steak
8) Honeydew Fried Rice

1) Grilled Shitake Mushroom
2) Grilled Masala Chicken
3) Egg Mayo or Fried Egg Sandwich
4) Chicken Ham or Tuna Sandwich

1) Special Spicy Fish Stick
2) Grilled Tender Chicken Fillet
3) Chicken In Basket

Salad & Soup:
1) JC Mushroom Soup
2) Mango & Prawn Salad

Sunday, July 5, 2009

IBM Quartely Dinner @ 30June

Thanks to Adrian for organizing their quarterly dinner at JC and hope you guys did had a wonderful evening with the food and pure juices served.